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May/June 2018 - Andante: Solo show, 124 West Pike Street Gallery, Covington Ky

Liz Zorn likes a square canvas. Not always, of course, but more often than many artists, she confines her compositions to a canvas measuring the same on every side. Her works as seen in “Liz Zorn Solo Show” at 124 West Pike Street Gallery in Covington now through May 26th are seldom enclosed in frames and are perfectly sufficient without that addition.

These are complex abstractions in which the shapes and the interactions of the muted colors are the subjects at hand. Brush strokes are inconspicuous. The works are pale as beiges, grays, whites predominate as over-all colors, setting off what could best be described as lines and dots and smudges . And quite a lot goes on in Zorn’s compositions.

Zorn, who lives in the river town of Morrow, Ohio, is a long-established multi-media artist who focuses on mixed media painting but also has worked in printmaking and photography and writes music.

Jane Durrell Aeqai Magazine

Artist Statement

My art is the direct result of global chatter and personal, day to day interactions. I work with a variety of materials but am partial to a mixed media oil and graphite palette of muted colors.

My process consists primarily of layering and removing marks and color. 

It's all nebulous at best.....
I push and pull my idea along until I reach a point of satisfaction. The work is impulsive and secretive. The silent chatter that never reaches the level of sound. 


Blink Art, ADC, Cincinnati Ohio

Indian Hill Gallery, Cincinnati Ohio
Ohio Art League, Columbus Ohio, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois