I have been a week back in the studio and things are moving along. Several oil paintings in progress are now lined up for completion. Two finished and five more to go. Saving the large ones for last as I pace myself.

These will likely be the last of the stretched canvases for awhile as I am very much wanting to get back to working on unstretched canvas and forgoing the acrylic underpainting that has been a step in my oil painting process for a long time.

New year, new energy, new direction (slightly).

A quick shot of my studio: We are adding new shelving along the side wall, back right. Clearing out a ton of old paint and things I no longer need or use. Nothing like a good spring clean.

The exhibit: Art Comes Alive at the Design Consultants new downtown Cincinnati space has been extended until March 26th.

I will have had both of my vaccine shots by then and am planning to attend. Such an amazing feeling to think about getting out and seeing people again.

I have also confirmed my second show with the great folks at Bears Mill Gallery in Greenville Ohio for Nov-Dec 2021.

Yes it is a long way off, but so much to think about and work to do.

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