New Look: New Year

Updated: Feb 15

For months I have been putting off updating my website. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the task I did what any reasonable person would do, kick it down the road a bit.

I am finally getting to the place where I will be adding a storefront to this website for direct art sales. I am quite happy with all of the galleries who promote and sell my work, but it feels like the art world is rapidly changing and direct sales make more sense today than in years past.

This may or may not be a better option. Will see how it goes as things progress.

Artwork: It feels like I am coming to a fork in the road with my work. For the past ten years or so I have been working in a particular style and it has become a habit rather than a desired outcome of my own creativity. I have circled back around the a more minimalist style that suits me, and I feel the need to stay here for awhile and see where it goes.

As such I have removed all of the old work from the website and am rebuilding the pages with new work, new ideas and projects.

If it looks like the site is under construction. It is. In many ways.

STUDIO: One thing that can't be overlooked is the time spent painting at home. time away from the studio and all of the things we had planned before the virus and lock downs.

I am still waiting for my vaccine, but am hopeful that by summer we may be in a much better place and will be able to continue with classes at the studio. At least I will be back working on a normal schedule.

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